What To Know About Living In Lighthouses
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What To Know About Living In Lighthouses

In recent years the prospect of living inside a lighthouse has become more appealing and even trendy. This has been helped by the increased availability of relatively cheap disused lighthouses. People interested in residing in one may do so because they have a romantic view of what day to day life will be like. However, the reality is far less glamorous. While these properties are ideal for some people there are several aspects of lighthouse life that need to be known.

It Can Be Very Isolating

Lighthouses tend to be located in very remote locations. The owner will need to be comfortable with having a quiet and isolated life. They should be able to keep themselves occupied without the need for constant human contact. For some this will be too difficult.

Owners May Have To Meet Tourists

In some cases owners will have the opposite problem. Lighthouses are a popular part of British tourism as numerous people visit them annually. The owner may have to perform the role of a tour guide. This could entail showing them around the lighthouse and explaining its history.

Energy Could Be An Issue

News sites including BBC have reported on the energy issues faced by British households. These will be even more extreme for lighthouses. Owners will usually have to be self sufficient when it comes to supplying energy for the interior. A decent generator should be obtained for this purpose.

Owners Should Stock Up On Supplies

The remoteness of lighthouses also poses the problem of keeping supplied with enough food and water. The nearest shop could be many miles away from the property. Therefore owners may need to transport a large amount of supplies all in one journey. Perishable foods should be avoided in favour of ones that can be stored for long periods of time.