Decorating Your Lighthouse
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Decorating Your Lighthouse

Due to advances in naval technology, some lighthouses are no longer necessary. This does not mean that they are demolished. Instead people can choose to live in them for purely recreational purposes. If so they will need to consider a number of issues including damage protection and supplies. Once all of the big problems have been solved it is time to decorate the lighthouse.

People can order frames from the website Poster Store. This will allow them to fill the interior walls with their favourite images. If the posters are left without sufficient protection they can become damaged by moisture over time. However, the right frames will shield them from the salty sea air. Poster Store delivers within 6 business days and often has seasonal sales events. The items available are affordable and high quality.


A number of historical societies seek to preserve old lighthouses. They may appoint someone to live inside them on a long term basis. If so then the person may be limited to the artwork that they can display. The society may consider some images to feel anachronistic and not in keeping with the rest of the interior design. The good news is that the frames available from Poster Store feel timeless.

A decent number of these buildings are even open to the general public. It is another reason why the tenant should think carefully about the artwork they hang on the walls. It is best to stick with images that are relevant to the history of that particular lighthouse.

Owning One

If the person owns the lighthouse outright they will have greater freedom in terms of interior design. Some will want to splash the drab walls with lots of colour. This will be helpful in the winter months when things can seem somewhat dreary.