Decorating A Guest Lighthouse
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Decorating A Guest Lighthouse

In recent years the owners of disused lighthouses have renovated them and turned them into guest houses. Lighthouses are popular spots for tourists to visit and being able to stay overnight inside of them is a dream come true for many.

The main selling point of this type of accommodation will be the lighthouse structure itself and the novelty experience of the stay. However, this does not mean that owners should disregard the importance of decorating the interiors. The floors of these properties tend to be fairly plain. However, a rug from Trendcarpet can completely change the atmosphere of a lighthouse room. Paying attention to the interior design will likely impress the guests. This could lead to them giving a higher review rating which in turn can attract future visitors.

Black And White Rugs

If the owner is having difficulty finding a colour scheme that works well with the other interior design elements then they could opt for black and white rugs. These are very versatile as they can blend in with a wide variety of aesthetic styles. Lighthouses that contain a black and white rug from Trendcarpet are sure to help the accommodation look smart and inviting.

Very Colourful Rugs

On the other hand the property may look better with much more vibrant colours. This is the perfect choice for lighthouses that aim for a fun and artistic atmosphere. When a colourful rug is placed in the centre of the lighthouse it makes a bold statement. If the owner is striving to distinguish their lighthouse from all others then brightly coloured rugs are the best option for them.

Non-Slip Rugs

As well as stylistic issues the owner also needs to think about the safety of their guests. Lighthouses can be hazardous environments. If a loose rug is placed in the wrong area it can create a tripping hazard. Therefore non-slip rugs will be useful for this kind of accommodation. They will reduce the chances of guests having an accident and injuring themselves.

Sheepskin Rugs

Lighthouses can sometimes give off a cold mood. This is especially true during the darker months of the year. A sheepskin rug will make the interior seem more cosy and warm. The guests can site back in the snug shelter of the lighthouse whilst the waves and rain crash onto the exterior structure.