Top Two Beautiful but Old Lighthouses to See
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Top Two Beautiful but Old Lighthouses to See

You’d be surprised at the number of lighthouses that you can find in various parts of the world. While some are short, others are unbelievably tall and can be spotted from afar. Regardless of their height or how old they are, these towers have one thing in common – their allure. You can stare at a lighthouse for hours, without even thinking of walking away.

If you have never seen some of these old but still attractive structures, here are two that will blow you away.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse dates back to 1871. Back in the 18th century, this picturesque lighthouse was known for guiding ships, and today, it facilitates the navigation of the Coast Guard. Its height is 115 feet, which makes it the US West Coast’s tallest tower. You can even see it while sitting in your comfy armchair from on the balcony of your house in San Mateo County.

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

You cannot miss the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse if you are on the Oregon Coast even though it is deactivated. It started operating in 1881 and became famous for being the most costly tower in the region. It was always pretty challenging for the keepers as well as suppliers to get to the lighthouse due to harsh weather conditions. This earned the structure its nicknames: “Tillie” or “Terrible Tilly”. Tillamook Rock Lighthouse has been privately owned since 1957 after its decommissioning, and the structure’s last known keeper was Oswald Allik.

Despite the many storms that have been in the region, the lighthouse has survived, and its beauty remains.

These are not the only magnificent old lighthouses around. Let nothing stop you from exploring others.