South Stack lighthouse
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South Stack lighthouse

South Stack Lighthouse has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Anglesey. The lighthouse itself is located on a tiny island that lies just off the north-west coast of Holy Island. Built in the early part of the 19th century, the purpose was to warn ships in the Irish Sea about the dangerous rocks around the island.

Lighthouse history

The lighthouse is 28 metres tall and the light it throws out can be seen for up to 28 miles. Daniel Alexander designed the lighthouse and it forms the first safety light on Anglesey for any ship or boat travelling towards North Wales or Liverpool from Ireland. This is then followed by lights that are located at North Stack, the Holyhead Breakwater and the Skerries. Further along the North Wales coast there are lights at the Mice, Port Lynas and Trwyn Du.

As with many lighthouses these days, there is no lighthouse keeper in residence. The light is operated remotely as this is more cost effective and safer.

Visitor attraction

These days the lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction, but anyone who wants to visit should check in advance to make sure that it is open. The lighthouse is only open seasonally and the dates may vary each year. It is possible to go to the very top of the lighthouse and take a look at the engine room. There is also an interesting exhibition room where you can learn more about the history and working of the lighthouse. The lighthouse’s tiny island is accessed by more than 400 steep stairs and a footbridge – comfortable shoes are a must for this day out.

Visitors should also be aware that many people consider that the lighthouse is haunted. In recent years it has featured in an episode of Most Haunted, where experienced ghost hunters try to gather evidence of paranormal activity.