The Oldest Lighthouse in Britain
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The Oldest Lighthouse in Britain

If you have ever visited Dover, you will have seen the ruins of the Dover Pharos. This tower is an undeniably essential part of the history of the area as well as in the country. The Dover tower is not only the oldest beacon in the region, but it is also the oldest known structure in the entire country.

This impressive tower was constructed by the Romans in 43 AD as a guide for their shipping vessels which needed to cross the channel safely. This tower would become an essential part of their trade routes. It was also protected by natural fortifications as it was tucked between the cliffs. When the Romans left the country, the tower was still in active use until 1066 when William the Conquerer sacked the area. It would remain there until approximately 1860 when it was rediscovered as being a significantly older building than the rest of Dover castle that surrounds it.

For many years the oldest beacon in the land was disregarded as just forming a part of Dover Castle. However, its fascinating history is far more interesting than that. This is the oldest structure in the country and was essential for the trade routes of the ancient Romans.

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